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Finding My Father Season 1

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  • Oxygen

"Finding My Father" follows 16 young women and men taking a leap of faith in the hope of connecting with their biological fathers for the first time. Using social media, distant family connections, and the assistance of private investigators, these bold young people attempt to piece together details about their fathers' lives and current whereabouts in order to answer key questions and heal the emotional scars left by their absence. The journeys often take unexpected turns, including discovering previously unknown siblings, finding out a father is currently homeless and learning that a dad has lived only an hour away for his biological child's entire life. The series examines the importance of family to young people's identity and explores the lengths they will go in order to find their fathers - and, in a way, a piece of themselves.


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Finding My Father Season 1 release date for Oxygen December 9, 2015 14 Months Ago

Release Dates

Finding My Father Season 1 was released on Oxygen 442d ago in the US.
December 9, 2015Confirmed
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