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Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded Release Date

The boardgame Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded is already released on First Edition in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
First Edition
July 2014Expected
First Edition
July 2014Expected
Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded cover art
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Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded


The Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded expansion introduces animals (one per player) to add ranching to the farming side of your operations. Whereas Crops are relatively flimsy and easy to destroy, Animals are permanent. Each Animal will provide many points to your farming operation, assuming you're willing to pay! The goal for this expansion is to create a balance between tactical Crop management and strategic Animals. It also broadens the strategic choices of the game and adds depth without too much complexity. Players will need to make a choice with their Action cards to lean into animals, crops, or both, to squeak out ahead. Along with the animals will come new Action cards, special animal abilities, and a little bidding to top it off. In addition to animals, Livestocked and Loaded will introduce Weather Events. These will shake things up so that no game is the same.

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