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Family or Fiancé Season 1

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In "Family or Fiancé," from Bunim/Murray Productions, newly engaged couples whose families have voiced paralyzing concerns (both real and imagined) over their proposed marriage, will bring their families to live together under the same roof. The stakes have never been higher as they take on activities designed to strengthen their bond, unpack their differences, and show the betrothed couple in a whole new light. Will the week of experimental "family time" confirm their families' concerns and lead to a breakup? Will the families discover enough common ground to give their blessings? If all else fails, how will the couple face the future knowing that their families may never accept their partner?

Family or Fiancé Season 1 release date for OWN March 9, 2019 7 Months Ago (US)

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Family or Fiancé Season 1 was released on OWN 225d ago in the US.
March 9, 2019Confirmed
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