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In Drakerys, each player chooses a side, gathers miniature troops and takes the lead against other players in story-driven skirmish battles. The terrain setting as well as the victory conditions are laid out by a battle scenario all players agreed upon. The fate of warriors is determined through combat rules and some rolls of dice. As a war leader, you’ll need tactical insight - and a bit of luck - to win! The Starter Box contains everything you'll need to discover miniature games and enjoy Drakerys. Two armies are featured with fully assembled miniatures: the Human Paladins of Irosia and the wild Orcs of Ashral. As the story begins, they are pitted against each other in a campaign to conquer a mysterious archipelago filled with danger, secrets about the magical events to come, not to mention countless treasures! The winning side will take an important advantage in the beginning war.

Drakerys release date expected March 2015 3 Years Ago (US)

Release Dates

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Drakerys was released 1419d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
March 2015Expected
First Edition
March 2015Expected
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