6 Years Ago August 18, 2014 uk

Distance UK Release Date

The music Distance is already released on CD, iTunes, MP3 and Spotify in the UK.

Release Dates

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August 18, 2014Confirmed
August 18, 2014Confirmed
August 18, 2014Confirmed
August 18, 2014Confirmed
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The latest album from Dan Michaelson and The Coastguards 'Distance' has been released to huge critical acclaim. Eclipsing the success of 2013's 'Blindspot', Distance displays an artist truly at the top of their game. Mixing bittersweet blues with melancholic heartbreak, Dan Michaelson has a record that sits rightfully alongside the likes of Tim Rutili and Bill Callahan. 1. Evergreen 2. Bones 3. Burning Hearts 4. Every Step 5. Getting It All Wrong 6. Evening Light 7. Your Beauty Still Rules 8. Somewhere

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