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CITROEN Ami 6/8/Super Release Date

The classic car CITROEN Ami 6/8/Super upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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CITROEN Ami 6/8/Super cover art

CITROEN Ami 6/8/Super

Classic Car

Citroën produced several 2CV-based cars, with the Ami being one of the more fascinating. The styling was strange even by French standards, especially the original 6 model which had a reverse-rake window emulating the Ford Anglia 105E. A bigger engine than that of the 2CV – 602cc and 20bhp – provided reasonable performance and the Ami was better-appointed inside than the 2CV too. A redesign in 1969 made the back window slope the conventional – and more boring – way, creating the Ami 8. The ultimate Ami was the Super of 1972 with the four-cylinder overhead cam engine of the GS. 61bhp in such a light car meant it was scarily fast.

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