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In Carma race, players take on the role of…well… themselves. You’ve just received an email from your favorite convention, promising you a free autographed limited edition item of you choice, but only IF you get there before the other players, who’ve also received the same email. The problem? You don’t have a car, but as karma has it, neither do the others. You must hitchhike your way there using planes, trains and automobiles… and the occasional bike from the thrift shop. Hey… it was 99 cents! On this journey through the continent, you’ll hop into cars equipped with NOZ, turbos, and furry dice. You’ll encounter some crazy drivers who might occasionally be drunk and take risky jumps just for the hell of it. You’ll wish for awesome upgrades to your lift, but the others are wishing just the opposite. On your turn, they’ll be praying evil things upon you. Whatever they can think of to hinder your speed. They’ll throw old ladies and moose if they have to. They’ll send birds in your engine or just simply wish for you to crash and burn. But don’t worry, their turn will come and vengeance will be sweet.

Carmarace release date June 2014 4 Years Ago (US)

Release Dates

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Carmarace was released 1698d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
June 2014Confirmed
First Edition
June 2014Confirmed
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