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A boxing match in Brooklyn. Postwar life in Bosnia. The daily routine of a Nigerian midwife. An intimate family moment at home. These scenes and others weave into "Cameraperson" a tapestry of footage from documentary cinematographer Kirsten Johnson's 25-year career. Johnson explores, through a series of episodic juxtapositions, the relationships between image-makers and their subjects, objectivity and intervention, and truth and storytelling. A hybrid work that combines documentary, autobiography, and ethical inquiry, "Cameraperson" is both a moving glimpse into one filmmaker's personal journey and a thoughtful examination of what it means to train a camera on the world.

Cameraperson release date for VOD February 7, 2017 2 Years Ago (US)

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Cameraperson was released on VOD 921d ago in the US.
February 7, 2017Confirmed
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