Showtime 2 Years Ago October 10, 2021 us

Buried Season 1 Release Date

The tv series season Buried Season 1 is already released on Showtime in the USA. The upcoming Showtime release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
October 10, 2021Confirmed
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Buried Season 1

TV Series Season

BURIED follows the gripping story of Eileen Franklin who, while playing with her young daughter, suddenly had a memory of witnessing the rape and murder of her childhood best friend, 8-year-old Susan Nason, which led to a re-opening of a case that had gone unsolved for nearly 20 years. And in a shocking twist, when Eileen came forward with her memory, she told the police that she remembered the murderer was her own father, George Franklin. The docu-series reveals the consequences of that fateful assertion of the subconscious and the infinite questions it sparked about the accuracy and reliability of unearthing traumatic events in the court of law. Through riveting first-person testimonials of family, neighbors, memory experts, law enforcement, mental health professionals and many others, BURIED explores the impact of Eileen's memory on not only the Franklin family but also the legal and mental health communities writ large.
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