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What makes the game different from other examples of the genre is how the player controls the gameplay. In other games, you could only control the protagonist and collect bonuses, while Bubble Jet Raider forces you to use your left hand to control the bubble and right hand to get rid of obstacles. It's possible to choose from three types of control – TAP, SWIPE or BALANCE – which guarantees that every player finds a suitable setting. One of the features which makes Bubble Jet Raider stand out are graphics, which will surely appeal to both younger and older players. Colourful crystals contrast with the cave's dark interior. Additionally, the main menu takes form of a revolving cube, which is not only simple and convenient to use, but also shows that such features of the game can be innovative and interesting as well. It is clear that WinnicoGames introduced a lot of innovations to the existing market with their release.

Bubble Jet Raider release date for Android February 3, 2014 3 Years Ago (US)

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Bubble Jet Raider was released on Android 1358d ago in the US and the UK.
February 3, 2014Confirmed
February 3, 2014Confirmed

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