BRISTOL 603/Britannia

Classic Car
  • Saloon

In the late-1970s, Bristol started offering a two-model range: the 412 for those looking for open-topped motoring; and the 603, an elegantly-styled fastback with saloon levels of interior accommodation. It was an interesting mix, and one that ensured the firm’s survival into the ’80s. Under that new aluminium body lay the same basic separate chassis found in the 412 (and its predecessors), and it was none the worse for it. By this time, Bristol was positively delighted with its image of exclusivity, and had a number of high profile fans, notably writer LJK Setright, in its ranks.


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BRISTOL 603/Britannia release date TBA

Release Dates

The BRISTOL 603/Britannia release date is to be announced on Saloon.
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