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In boxes, six containers of ten "box" cards will be sold one by one. The player who bids the highest gets the entire container. The game ends when all six containers have been sold. To start, one player takes the auctioneer's token, which gives him the right to choose the type of auction (open or secret), then to be the first person to look at the cards in the lot. The token rotates clockwise from player to player with each new turn. Each player in turn gets actions that he has to use in one go to discreetly inspect box cards. Once each player has used his actions, the auction takes place. Once the six containers (all sixty box cards) have been sold, each player counts his wealth (remaining banknotes + value of the box cards). For each set he holds, a player receives a bonus of 250 ECU. Whoever has the most wealth wins.


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boxes was released 1087d ago in the UK and the NO.
First Edition
First Edition
March 3, 2014Confirmed
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