TLC 5 Weeks Ago May 15, 2024 us

Botched Bariatrics Season 1 TLC US Release Date

The tv series season Botched Bariatrics Season 1 is already released on TLC in the USA.

Release Dates

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May 15, 2024Confirmed
Botched Bariatrics Season 1 cover art


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Botched Bariatrics Season 1

TV Series Season

Features patients whose lives have been turned upside down after suffering complications from their bariatric surgery. These patients are in dire need of help, ranging from a woman who can only eat pureed food to a man living with explosive bowels. Doctors and experts in their fields, bariatric surgeons Dr. Khan, Dr. Hodges, and Dr. Rao along with plastic surgeons Dr. Kundu and Dr. Caplin, take on these botched bariatric patients and see if they can undo the mistakes made during their previous surgeries.
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