Audi Sport quattro

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By 1984, the quattro’s best Group B rallying days were behind it. It was simply too big and heavy to compete with the flighty new Peugeot 205T16 – so as a riposte, Audi lopped out 20cm from the original car’s wheelbase, and installed a 20v head on its straight-five. The rally cars were met with moderate success, while the road versions proved quick and useful, albeit at considerable cost. Rare and valuable now, though, and on the crest of a Group B revival, but there are many fakes out there, so make sure you’re looking at a real one. The Audi 80 windscreen is a giveaway.


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Audi Sport quattro release date TBA

Release Dates

The Audi Sport quattro release date is to be announced on Sport.
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