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ASUS PB278QR 27" IPS LED Monitor Release Date

The monitor ASUS PB278QR 27" IPS LED Monitor is already released on PB278QR in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
July 5, 2014Confirmed
July 5, 2014Confirmed
ASUS PB278QR 27" IPS LED Monitor cover art
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ASUS PB278QR 27" IPS LED Monitor


The PB278QR WQHD monitor provides 109 pixels per inch (PPI), resulting in high quality 2560 x 1440 visuals – equaling four times the resolution of standard 720p sets. It allows users to view greater image detail and do more with an onscreen footprint larger than that of standard displays. The screen’s 109PPI density means there are 109 RGB matrices within one inch. Generally, the more pixels a display has, the more lighting (or power) those pixels require to achieve the best visuals. However, with advanced LED backlighting on the PB278QR, power and energy savings are no longer compromised, while better visuals are assured. - Impeccable lifelike visuals with 27” 16:9 2560 x 1440 with 100% sRGB - 178° wide-viewing angle - Extensive connectivity with native WQHD content support with HDMI, DisplayPort, and Dual-link DVI. Picture-in-picture and Picture-by-picture support. - ASUS-exclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale and Splendid Video Intelligence Technology for true ‘what you see is what you get’ - Ergonomic tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment plus smart cable management

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