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Aston Martin DB2 Release Date

The classic car Aston Martin DB2 upcoming Fastback release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Aston Martin DB2 cover art

Aston Martin DB2

Classic Car

While the 2-Litre of 1948 has become retrospectively known as the DB1, the DB2 of 1950 was the first officially to wear the initials of owner David Brown. The chassis was largely the same as for the 2-Litre, but the curvaceous fastback body with an imposingly long bonnet was fresh and graceful, and would inspire Aston’s styling for two decades. The 2.6-litre twin-cam engine was a WO Bentley design for Lagonda and initially proved temperamental. It eventually settled down to give the DB2 impressive performance, especially in 121mph Vantage form from 1951.

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