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Aprilia - Retro Colors

  • Aprilia - Retro Colors

In honor of the first Grand Prix victory for Aprilia SBK race at Misano their factory team bikes and painted in the style of the 1987th year. The track at Misano has a special meaning for them because the Aprilia is right there with Loris Reggiani brought the first victory at the world level. This took place on 30 August 1987th year in the 250 class, and although it is somewhat surprising that the Superbike race marks the anniversary of Grand Prix wins (and not a round, rather than 27), any excuse is good to inject a bit of color in motorsport.


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Aprilia - Retro Colors release date expected 2015 14 Months Ago

Release Dates

Aprilia - Retro Colors was released 423d ago in the US and the UK.
Aprilia - Retro Colors
Aprilia - Retro Colors
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