Cinema 5 Years Ago May 1, 2015 us

Any Day US Release Date

The movie Any Day is already released on Cinema in the USA.

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May 1, 2015Confirmed
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Any Day


"Any Day" centers on an ex-fighter Vian (Bean), who is transformed by the love and forgiveness he experiences through his 11-year-old nephew Jimmy. Jolene (Longoria), a mortgage broker meets Vian in the grocery store, while he is with Jimmy. After a few false starts, Jolene agrees to go on a date with Vian, but her vindictive ex-boyfriend reveals some troubling information about Vian. Bethley (Walsh), Vian's older sister, is a tough, yet alluring single mother who's been working all her life. Bethley's husband ran off with another woman leaving her struggling to make ends meet. She is strong in her religious faith and lets Vian live in her garage for a few weeks.

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