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Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 Release Date

The classic car Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 upcoming Fastback release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 cover art

Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6

Classic Car

As big Alfa saloons go the Six was not a huge success, but we owe the existence of one of the best-sounding Alfa Romeos to the failed executive saloon – and it donated its wonderful V6 engine to the Alfetta GTV. Running a new Bosch fuel injection system, the V6’s power was up to 160bhp, giving the GTV6 a very useful power hike, as well as one of the most sublime soundtracks in motoring history. Like the Alfetta GT and GTV before it a good GTV6 was a phenomenally good car in the bends – especially as it finally had the power to exploit it.

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