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Alfa Romeo 1750/2000 GTV Release Date

The classic car Alfa Romeo 1750/2000 GTV upcoming Coupe release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Alfa Romeo 1750/2000 GTV cover art

Alfa Romeo 1750/2000 GTV

Classic Car

To ally itself with the launch of the 1750 Berlina, the Giulia Sprint was facelifted to become the 1750 GTV coupé. It retained the original GT1300/GT Junior 1.6 bodyshell but gained a quad-headlight front end and cleaner external trim details (as well as losing the step-front). The revised interior was an ergonomic improvement, although purists prefer the older design. The 1779cc four cylinder was now the base power unit for the non-Junior line, meaning lusty performance. These later models are considered to be the easiest cars to live with.

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