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Adventurer Manager Release Date

The game Adventurer Manager is already released on PC in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
April 24, 2014Confirmed
April 24, 2014Confirmed
Adventurer Manager cover art
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Adventurer Manager


Welcome to the Early Access for Adventurer Manager where the game is the cheapest it will ever be! We're thrilled to be at this stage in development and to share it with you! Why are we so thrilled?! It's because Early Access is where a lot of the boring base systems are now in place and we are going content heavy! That means that nearly every major patch will include new content and new systems and boy do we have a lot of them planned! You can see a running list in our Planned Features list at the bottom of our Store Page and expect it to change frequently. We will try our hardest to be transparent in our development process so you know what we're working on before we've released it. Also, what's more exciting is the ability for you, the player, to help shape and mold Adventurer Manager into the game you really want to be playing!

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