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A Relative Stranger


The year is 1866 and the bloodiest conflict in American history – the Civil War, has recently come to an end. Miles away in the isolated countryside of West Texas, two families neighbor one another. The RILEYS – father SEAMUS and children ABIGAIL and SAM – trap animals and sell their pelts for a humble living, while the McCLUSKEYS, having lost their proud cattle business to the war, antagonize the weaker Rileys in order to get what they want. That is, until WADE, favorite uncle to the Riley children and an embattled war veteran, visits his family to find reprieve from the horrors he has seen. Wade learns of the McCluskey’ misdoings and takes it upon himself to put a stop to them and before long, Wade finds himself with another war on his hands - this time, one of his own making.

A Relative Stranger release date for Cinemaexpected September 1, 2014 4 Years Ago (US)
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A Relative Stranger was released on Cinema 1629d ago in the US.
September 1, 2014Expected
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