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7 Little Johnstons Season 6

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America's largest known little family is back with a new season of 7 LITTLE JOHNSTONS, premiering on Tuesday, April 2 at 10:00pm ET/PT on TLC. With the Johnston kids growing up quickly and Anna on her way to college soon, Trent and Amber continue to pack in as many memories as they can as big life changes continue for the family. This new season will feature an epic family Halloween, a trip to New York City where they learn about dwarfism's important role in history, a Christmas party hosted by the Johnstons for over 100 little people and a trip to Hilton Head for Amber's 40th birthday. With a house full of teenagers - Jonah, 18, Anna, also 18, Elizabeth, 16 and 13 year-olds Emma and Alex - there are bound to be issues; Trent's anxiety hits an all-time high between everything going on with the kids and the prospect of opening a new business, so he and Amber decide to meet with a marriage counselor to work through these new challenges.

7 Little Johnstons Season 6 release date for TLC April 2, 2019 17 Months Ago (US)
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7 Little Johnstons Season 6 was released on TLC 539d ago in the US.
April 2, 2019Confirmed
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