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2017 BMW 3-series eDrive UK Release Date

The car 2017 BMW 3-series eDrive upcoming 2017 BMW 3-series eDrive release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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2017 BMW 3-series eDrive
2017 BMW 3-series eDrive cover art

2017 BMW 3-series eDrive


A plug-in hybrid variant of the 3-series expected to be called the 3-series eDrive. While there are no major visual discrepancies between the test mule we’ve spied versus the standard car, we can make out what appears to be a camouflaged charging port on the car’s fender. Unlike the ActiveHybrid 3, whose electric-only range is limited to 2.5 miles, the 3-series eDrive will be capable of driving solely on electrons for up to 30 miles. Its electric componentry has been designed to fit within any model built on the F30 platform, which is to say any and all of the seven body variations wearing 3- and 4-series badging, and is very likely what powered the Concept X5 eDrive revealed at last fall’s Frankfurt auto show.

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