Zoey, a nanotech specialist and android-enthusiast, finds herself with amnesia aboard the only space station in low-Earth orbit that harbors fully-intelligent androids. Her application to join the independent space station as a scientist was accepted, offering her the opportunity to become a transhuman – while simultaneously making her an outcast on anti-cyborg Earth. Zoey’s first mission is to decrypt a smart serum code, Zyklon X, that’s used as a weapon to irreversibly kill off androids.

Her colleague Trex-61, makes Zoey feel as though he was built just for her. In the midst of her growing attraction, Zoey is forced to keep her distance when she realizes their lab supervisor, 400 - a former human-turned-android - also has feelings for Trex, making 400 instantly loathe Zoey for her presence aboard the station.

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