Lean Forward to Go. Lean Back to Stop. That's how you ride the ZBoard, the world's first, weight-sensing electric skateboard.

The ZBoard's deck includes front and rear foot pads. Each foot pad senses how much force you apply and analyzes this information with an onboard computer linked to an electric motor.

Leaning on the front foot pad causes the ZBoard to speed up. Leaning on the back foot pad causes the ZBoard to kick in regenerative braking. These aren’t just on/off buttons, though. They are completely variable, meaning the harder you lean forward the faster you go, and the harder you lean back the faster you come to a stop, even on a downhill slope! You can cruise at a walking pace, or zoom all the way up to a top speed of around 17 miles per hour.

When you have no weight on either footpad, the ZBoard will coast to a gentle stop in a similar fashion to a traditional skateboard.

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