Windows to Adventure: Which of the Mountains is Greatest of All?


While exploring the old orchard after school, Angie and Rashad debate a vocabulary word they have to define for homework: "majesty." Is it greatest: 'power'? 'age' 'beauty' or 'size'? In the orchard, they discover a magical creature - an old, broken down window calling itself 'AboGado.' When AboGado volunteers to take them places, Rashad readily agrees, while Angie is not so sure, wanting a little more information about the safe uses of the creature's abilities. She agrees to one trip as a trial. AboGado takes them to visit mountains to explore their word-assignment. Ancient Denali is reclusive, hiding behind his clouds, while Fuji is vain about his beauty. Mauna Kea (the baby of the bunch age-wise) complains about not being taken seriously as the world's biggest, while Kilimanjaro offers his opinion about both 'biggest', and a comment about 'tallest,' with a recommendation that they visit Everest. Before they decide, AboGado takes them to see Olympus Mons, on Mars, Maxwell Montes, on Venus, and Rheasilvia, on asteroid Vesta.

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