Whispers (Deluxe Edition)


Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger, presents Whispers, the follow up to 2012 s All The Little Lights, which featured the international hit single and 3x Platinum "Let Her Go."

Recorded in Sydney and co-produced by Chris Vallejo, Whispers is comprised of 11 tracks that tell tales some real, some imagined of love, death, growing up and getting old. A master of story telling, Passenger yet again strikes the perfect balance between the heartbreaking and the humorous, all wrapped in beautiful instrumentation, creating a sumptuous, symphonic sound.

1. Coins In A Fountain
2. 27
3. Heart's On Fire
4. Bullets
5. Golden Leaves
6. Thunder
7. Rolling Stone
8. Start A Fire
9. Whispers
10. Riding To New York
11. Scare Away The Dark
12. Heart's On Fire (Acoustic)
13. Coins In a Fountain (Acoustic)
14. Riding To New York (Acoustic)
15. Start a Fire (Acoustic)
16. Golden Leaves (Acoustic)
17. Rolling Stone (Acoustic)
18. Whispers (Acoustic)

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