West Memphis Three


The West Memphis Three attempts to tell the true story of an incident that occurred in West Memphis, Arkansas is May of 1993. Three young, eight-year old boys went missing one evening and were found brutally beaten and murdered the next morning. All three were bound, stripped nude and tortured before their untimely, agonizing deaths. One month later, after evidence went missing and suspects disappeared, the police arrested and charged, Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin, three local teenagers with the crime. Brought in initially as a character witness against Echols, Misskelley seems to know much more than he lets on. Despite being mentally handicapped, the boy is held and questioned relentlessly for twelve hours. And have the real killers been apprehended, or have the police merely found a group of patsies to satisfy the community's desire for controversy, guilt and blood?

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