Titans of Empyrean


As a player of Titans of Empyrean, you control a squad of 3 or more titans composed of dragons, pegasi, manticores, griffons, or phoenixes. In the basic combat scenario, a chance meeting has thrust you against your opponent in a battle to the death.

A game of strategy, there is no randomization in Titans of Empyrean. You will control your titans' moves, attacks, and the maneuvers they perform. On a hex board, you move each of your titans once each round. You may attack any adjacent titans in your front facings. Finally, each titan will have a stack of maneuver cards which you customize and place in any order you like. During each titan's turn, you may play the top maneuver opening up a variety of tactical combinations that can propel you to victory or send you spiraling into defeat.

Will your titans control Empyrean?

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