"I like the dark. I always have, but especially since my husband Marshall died over a decade ago. I challenged the darkness, taunted it. I always thought I could survive it, embrace it and let it become a part of who I am. That was until the darkness engulfed me."

The Truth of Needful Beast is a story of accepting the darkness that exists in most of our lives. It revolves around a depressed female scientist born with very destructive powers and employed by a private corporation that lies more than the Pentagon. Her name is Belladonna Orin or Belle to the few people that know her. She is a twin, an orphan, a widow, and a very powerful weapon. Right now Belle is strapped to a chair where she will be forced to re-live powerful memories in order to free herself from the Alien parasite she had to absorb to save her Mother. Will she survive the process of separation or will her and the alien parasite both die trying?

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