The Silver Lion: The Great Battle of Tong Pass


Han dynasty, August of the 211AD, CaoCao arrived in TongPass frontline facing the army of MaChao with his main troops. His sole purpose is to eliminate the force of XiLiang and conquer great land of the WestChina. In the trouble of hue enemy at the border. Short of supplies and alliance ambidexterity, MaChao is facing the biggest crisis of his life. How could you make decisions in right way? How could you find the weakness from the unbelievable Cao's army? Every step you did would absolutely influence the battle's destiny, will it repeat the history again? Everything is in your hand! The duel of fate is today!

The Silver Lion has three campaign screenplay. They usually takes 40-120 minutes.

Time scale: Each Game Turn equals 3days.
Unit scale: Each step equals 2500men or cavalrys.

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