The Red Dragon's Lair


he Red Dragon's Lair is a fantasy adventure in which you become a Magician, Rogue, Warrior or Paladin on a quest to slay an evil dragon. You control the actions of a daring adventurer finding the way through a dungeon filled with undead monsters, elementals and treacherous traps. In the mysterious creepy corridors of the dungeon your quest continues against the evil forces that oppose you. Your daring efforts to reach the Red Dragon's Lair is where your adventure begins and your quest awaits.

The evil Red Dragon lives deep within a dungeon filled with undead monsters and elementals. Your goal is to clear the dungeon of evil and slay the Red Dragon. You and the other players join together looting monsters and plundering the dungeon in search of magical items and weapons!

This game is a character-driven game, which uses both cards and dice to deal with the many obstacles within the dungeon and the Red Dragon's Lair. Players play cards from their hands and roll dice to complete their goal.

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