The Pyramid


A team of archaeologists are hunted in the labyrinth beneath an Egyptian pyramid in this spine-chilling horror! It has long been known that anyone venturing in to Egypt's ancient pyramids risks triggering the Curse of the Pharaohs! A string of mysterious disappearances and unexplained deaths have plagued expeditions through the ages. But now four American archaeologists have made a discovery that they cannot resist investigating. They've uncovered an extraordinary, giant three-sided pyramid unlike anything else in Egypt. Ignoring the warnings of locals, they venture inside in the hope of learning its secrets. A blood-curdling hieroglyphic message fails to deter the team, and they find themselves trapped in a claustrophobic labyrinth. What's more, there's something ancient and evil in there with them! 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Maniac' writer Gregory Levasseur makes his directorial debut with this nerve-shredding fright flick. Watch out for 'Inbetweeners' star James Buckley making his horror movie debut.

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