The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2


Rean Schwarzer awakens one month after the events of Cold Steel alone near the Eisengard Mountains. Determined to save both his friends and his country from war, he quickly sets off on a quest in order to reunite with the rest of Thors Military Academy. Rean must also find his fellow classmates of Class VII, of whom he was forced to leave behind following the events of Cold Steel.

The game's setting expands significantly to include more locations within the Erebonian Empire, with the player revisiting many areas seen in the previous game. The player will have access to more varied methods of travel across the Empire, including the use of motorcycles and horses. The player will also have command of the Courageous, which functions as the player's primary base of operations.

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Cold Steel II does exactly what the middle arc of a trilogy should do – keep you intrigued and guessing.
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