The Last Tailored Suit (Nadia Wolf Character Series Book 1)


Greyson Miller quit his exorbitantly high-paying CEO position and started a garden. There were some in the business world that thought he cracked from the pressure.

Maybe he did.

The sprawling ten-acre yard was to be Greyson’s last project. His plan was to turn his mansion into a bed and breakfast, and transform the yard into a paradise. The garden design he had created was for the woman who helped open his eyes. He loved her. He lost her. The garden was for her.

Never wanting to sit at a desk again, Greyson contacted a recruiter to hire a manager that would oversee the bed and breakfast. What he got was Jenna Newman, an eager self starter with a need to prove herself to a man she had never met. When they finally did meet at the mansion, Jenna immediately assumed – from Greyson’s dirt covered attire – that he was the gardener and nothing more. He couldn’t possibly be the multi-million dollar CEO that she had heard about.

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