The King's Armory


The King’s Armory is a co-op Tower Defense game that remains true to the online genre of Tower Defense. It is for 1-7 players, involves deep strategy, has infinite replayability, and yet is very easy to learn.

The King’s Armory also has the very unique mechanic of allowing new players to join or leave at any time without destroying the game balance!

Designed after our favorite online TD games, there is a map that consists of 16 road tiles that allows you to design your own new map each time. At the start of the game each player chooses 1 of 7 playable heroes to lead the King’s defenses. The Heroes, though powerful, can not go it alone. They will need to build towers which will house hired aid, such as the Foot Soldier, the Archer, the Sorcerer, the Psionicist, and the Cleric; each with their own unique abilities. Over the course of the game Waves of monsters will flood onto the board, rushing down the path, turn by turn, trying to break into the King’s Armory. If the monsters succeed, you lose! If you kill them all, including their leader, the super powered Boss monster, you all win together!

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