The Infiltrator


"The Infiltrator" is based on an autobiography by Robert Mazur. Mazur (Cranston) is a Customs and Excise Agent who also goes under the alias Bob Musella. Mazur assumes the life of a hot-shot money launderer in order to trap Colombia's most corrupt bankers and mafia members.

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Untold billions are laundered in The Infiltrator, while Pablo Escobar’s Medellín cartel moves mountains of cocaine into U.S. markets. But the drug of choice here is acting, and ...
76d ago
Bryan Cranston gets a film role worthy of his ability to break bad in a tensely exciting true-life drama of undercover drug agents.
76d ago
Still, Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) gives the whole picture a delightfully retro ‘80s vibe, capturing the seediness of South Florida and ratcheting up the tension: No matter how ...
76d ago
Actor moves from meth maker to cocaine buster in this true-life undercover tale, and the results remain addictive.
76d ago
“The Infiltrator” is ultimately a solid, if not exceptional, Scorsese takeoff, one that has just enough spunk and wit to make up for its often-apparent shortcomings. It doesn’t ...
76d ago
Bryan Cranston entertains with dangerous spy game.
76d ago
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