The Good Neighbor


The experiment started with a simple idea: if you had the equipment and the ambition, could you convince another person that they're being haunted? "The Good Neighbor" follows two teenage boys as they attempt to do just that.

Through a series of escalating 'haunts', the boys prod an elderly neighbor further and further in order to get a reaction. As their suspicions grow and the tension mounts, they realize too late that the man they're manipulating is the last person they should've chosen for their project.

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Two teenage boys use technology to torment their elderly neighbor in this thriller starring James Caan.
102d ago
Two teens use surveillance technology to torment an elderly neighbor in this intriguing but under-realized drama.
102d ago
Two kids set about on an obviously moronic and cruel mission, only to act stunned when things take a terrible turn, in The Good Neighbor, a film that — from its basic set-up to ...
102d ago
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