The Divergent Series: Insurgent


This is a science-fiction action film based on Insurgent, the second book in Veronica Roth’s Insurgent series, and sequel to the 2014 film Divergent, which was based on the first book of the same series. It is directed by Robert Schwentke.

The plot of Insurgent continues to follow Tris Prior; following the events of the previous instalment, Tris tries to figure out the intention behind Erudite's insurrection as well as information the Abnegation are trying to protect.

The cast includes:

• Shailene Woodley as Beatrice "Tris" Prior
• Theo James as Tobias "Four" Eaton
• Ansel Elgort as Caleb Prior
• Ray Stevenson as Marcus Eaton
• Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews
• Naomi Watts as Evelyn Johnson-Eaton
• Octavia Spencer as Johanna Reyes

March 20, 2015
19 Months Ago
March 19, 2015
19 Months Ago

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