The Death: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel


Devin Chase was just living his life, going about his daily routine like everyone else when the world changed in an instant. In the matter of a week a deadly virus known as The Death ravages the world killing all who become infected.
Immune from the deadly virus he struggles to survive and to find a new place to call home. Along his travels he discovers others who are immune but also discovers a dark secret about the virus and its origin.
Lori Roberts a mother, wife and business woman finds her world turned upside down from The Death. Her and what remains of her family travel to a FEMA camp for help but discover something more sinister is happening to those who are immune.
Separated by thousands of miles but connected by the same desire, both Devin and Lori will marshal others to their cause of finding the truth and a cure before it’s too late.

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