The Crash


An ex-Wall Street man whom the Secretary of the Treasury enlists to thwart a cyber attack that threatens to derail the American economy. With the help of his wife, he recruits his rag tag team of misfits, and prepares to save the world from total financial implosion.

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The Crash is a poor man’s financial thriller.
1d 20h ago
It may be too preposterous to take seriously, but at least Aram Rappaport trains his sights on the right enemies.
1d 20h ago
Aram Rappaport’s “The Crash” marks a very undistinguished convergence of two genres that have burgeoned in recent years: dark, brooding financial dramas reflecting fears unleash...
1d 20h ago
Set exactly one year after the 2016 presidential election, Aram Rappaport's thriller The Crash shows the U.S. on the brink of a Wall Street cyber attack. Now it's up to a corpor...
1d 20h ago
The government enlists one hacker to catch a hacker in Aram Rappaport’s convoluted financial thriller.
1d 20h ago
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