The Copernicus Connection: An Omega Sector Thriller


In the jungles of Belize, a lost manuscript written nearly five-hundred years ago by Nicolaus Copernicus has been found by Major Stone and his Omega Sector team. Legendary objects found at various locations around the world. Relics that are both ancient and otherworldly.

Inside this mysterious journal, Copernicus left detailed information on how these relics can be obtained and where. Once found they must be used to release ancient iron-nickel crystals hidden among history's Lost Lands around the globe.

Of course, these Legendary Relics and their corresponding Lost Lands must be found before natural and astronomical events wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world and its Thermal Threshold on December 3rd. Only then will the magnetic polarity of the Earth and its core temperature will be righted and humanity saved.

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