The Constant Gardener


The Constant Gardener features a good all-around 1080p transfer. The filmed image retains a fairly consistent, evident, but unobtrusive grain structure that only infrequently gives way to a somewhat pastier, cleaner appearance. Details are firm but not quite tangibly lifelike, with a prevailing softness evident through much of the film. Still, facial features are nicely preserved in close-up shots, while various shots of tough African terrain are sharp and vivid. Colors often shift with location, with the image featuring a bright, hot, slightly over-saturated color scheme in African exteriors and favoring a gray, coolish palette away from those exteriors. Shadow detail is often a little less than ideal with light crush evident in darker backdrops. Skin tones vary with the aforementioned lighting and contrast. Generally, the image is clean and features no obtrusive, excessive flaws. Overall, this is a quality transfer from Universal.

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