The Catherine Kimbridge Chronicles #4, Retribution


Admiral Cat Kimbridge and the Galactic Coalition of Planets must struggle to hold off an aggressive slaving syndicate bent on dominating Earth and the other member worlds of the GCP. New allies and technologies allow the battle to be fought between parallel universes. Just as it seems the GCP will prevail and right will conquer wrong… Cat discovers the real force behind the aggressors is an ancient and virtually unstoppable foe. Retribution is the second in a three-part story arc called “The Proxy Wars.” This is the fourth book in the best-selling Catherine Kimbridge series. This book picks up the story immediately following book 3. If you like fast-action SCIFI with a heart then give Admiral "Cat" Kimbridge a chance to become a part of your universe. This volume contains TWO special surprises at the end of the book. Both are sure to please fans of hardcore science fiction!

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