Coordinate, combine, and conquer in this high-action co-op game for two to four friends. Reclaim your planet from swarms of alien Robobugs using the only weapon you have left, your own life-force. Every shot of your laser drains your health as you work together to protect and transport the Heartstone, an ancient battery that gives life to you and your friends. Grab a seat, find some friends, and give it your all in the ultimate cooperative experience.

This intense team-work survival experience requires players to work together against the hordes of RoboBugs that won't rest until the life-giving Heartstone is pounded into rubble. Carry it with you or cover your friends as they haul it out of harms way. Grab it for an energy boost when you can because each blast of your weapon drains a little of the juice that keeps you going. With no safehouse to run to and no place to hide, nobody can go it alone in this fight.

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