Ten Out Of 10


Ten Out Of 10 was the 8th album by 10cc released in 1983 and was initially conceived as a concept album, which was later shelved in the pursuit of singles, this was to be the bands last record for 9 years. This album features 7 bonus tracks made up of B- sides, live versions and includes the singles “Les Nouveaux Riches” , “Don't Turn Me Away" and “The Power of Love”.

1. Don't Ask
2. Overdraft In Overdrive
3. Don't Turn Me Away
4. Memories
5. Notell Hotel
6. Les Nouveaux Riches
7. Action Man In Motown Suit
8. Listen With Your Eyes
9. Lying Here With You
10. Survivor
11. The Power Of Love
12. Memories
13. We've Heard It All Before
14. Tomorrow's World Today
15. Run Away
16. Les Nouveaux Riches
17. You're Coming Home Again

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