Tempered Steel


Cynthia hopes one man is worth losing everything important to her.

Cynthia Palmer is torn by her loyalties. Daphne brought her into the Steel Riders family, but Derrick's death has put her in the middle of a troubling situation. She can't believe Hank is capable of murder, but she isn't sure if she is only blinded by lust and emotion.

The burden of proof is on Hank.

Hank knows that the members of Steel Riders have every reason to suspect him. His history of conflict with Derrick make him an easy target, but he has to find a way to prove his innocence if he hopes to remain with the Steel Riders and hold on to Cynthia.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Cynthia is trying hard to keep her faith in Hank, but his decision to get out from under the club's thumb to find evidence, seems like running away to her. She wants to help Hank prove his innocence and only hopes that her instincts are right, or her new found friends are going to want payback from both of them.

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