Tales of the Future, Part III (Prequel to the Overman Trilogy)


"Tales of the Future" is a three-part selection of journal entries from Edward Liliweh, a main character from the upcoming Overman Trilogy set to begin in late 2016. Part III of these entries focuses on the construction of the Peace Machine and leads up to the arrest of Edward Liliweh.

The three-part set of journal excerpts are promotional items for the upcoming first book of the Overman Trilogy, titled "Power Man Reign." This initial book will follow the three-part Tales of the Future and weave in the stories of other main characters such Isaac Cain, Dr. Lucille Blake and Elias Overman. Those characters will also be touched on in Liliweh's entries.

Set as a blend of political and science fiction, the Overman Trilogy will deal with subjects such as secret societies, quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Elements of futurism and philosophy will also be used throughout the three books.

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