Subterranean - New Designs on Bowie's Berlin


'Subterranean' is Dylan Howe's first studio album in ten years. It's made up of his arrangements of Bowie's influential music from his Berlin Trilogy and has been seven years in the making. It features some of the best musicians in the UK. Alongside Dylan Howe (drums/synths) are Ross Stanley (piano/synths), Brandon Allen and Julian Siegel (tenor saxophones), Mark Hodgson and Nick Pini (double bass), Adrian Utley (guitar) and special guest, the legendary Yes guitarist Steve Howe playing koto.

1. Subterraneans
2. Weeping Wall
3. All Saints
4. Some Are
5. Neuköln - Night
6. Art Decade
7. Warszawa
8. Neuköln - Day
9. Moss Garden

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